[News] Pure Park Min-yeong VS charming Lee So-yeon.

[News] Pure Park Min-yeong VS charming Lee So-yeon.
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The counter appeals of actresses Park Min-yeong and Lee So-yeon from the upcoming MBC drama "Dr. JIN" is drawing attention.

Park Min-yeong and Lee So-yeon are attempting at a historical for the first time in 2 years after KBS "Sungkyunkwan Scandal" and MBC "Dong Yi". They are taking on the roles of Hong Yeong-rae and Chun Hong in this drama.

Park Min-yeong plays the role of maiden Hong Yeong-rae who is a woman of the Chosun times but dreams of the future. She is pure and elegant while she is bright and cheerful when she takes on the role of Yoo Mi-na, a doctor from the modern times.

Lee So-yeon is Chun Hong, a mysterious gisaeng who knows how to tell the future. She is the most charming woman Chosun has ever seen and she tries to rule over all the men in the world to release her frustration on the inside.

The opposite appeals of the two actresses in this drama has many people's attention.

Meanwhile, MBC weekend drama "Dr. JIN" is based on an original by comic artist Murakami Motoka, about the greatest doctor of the year 2012 traveling back into time and struggling as a doctor. Song Seung-heon takes on the role of the leading male character. To be aired for the first time on the 26th at 9:50PM.

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