[News] U-KISS’s international fanclub records 300,000 members.

[News] U-KISS’s international fanclub records 300,000 members. 
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U-KISS‘s international fanclub has been reported to have surpassed 300,000 members!

Over half of the fanclub has been revealed to be Japanese fans, making their efforts in their Japanese advancement last year seem all the worth while! avex Entertainment showed much satisfaction with the level of popularity the boys were able to achieve, even going on a nationwide arena tour just a year into their advancement.

Considering that the members are fluent in foreign languages like English and Chinese, it’s only natural that they’re able to gain more fans through not only their charms and music, but also their ability to converse with them.

They’re becoming the #1 most invited artist in many countries, as well as the hottest Hallyu stars as selected by some overseas broadcast networks.

Unfortunately, the fame comes with a price, as their frequent overseas activities was cause for voices of concern amongst their Korean fans who felt that they were being left behind.

A representative of U-KISS explained, “The Hallyu boom is already starting around the world and U-KISS as the responsibility to continue and lead it.

This is just one of the many obstacles they’re going to have to overcome in order to be recognized as genuine Hallyu leaders.”

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