[News] Girls’ Generation exceeds 400,000 copies in album sales with ‘The Boys’.

[News] Girls’ Generation exceeds 400,000 copies in album sales with ‘The Boys’. 
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Girls’ Generation‘s third studio album, ‘The Boys‘, has passed 400,000 copies in sales! According to the Gaon Chart, ‘The Boys’ topped its year-end chart at 385,348 copies despite having been released in the second half of the year on October 19th.

Since then, they’ve recorded 25,194 additional copies in sales up to April, bringing their grand total to 410,542 copies.

Since Gaon began tracking album sales in 2010, Girls’ Generation is currently the first and only artist to hit the 400,000 mark without having to include repackaged album sales.

Girls’ Generation’s albums across the board are seeing the same additions in sales. ‘Oh!‘ jumped from 197,934 copies to 218,522 copies in a year, ‘Run Devil Run‘ sold 168,998 total copies, and ‘Hoot‘ recorded 180,825 copies up to last year.

As for their latest unit group, Taetiseo, “Twinkle” has hit 604,870 downloads, making them the most downloaded artist on Gaon for the week of May 2nd.

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