[Photo & News] "Time Slip Dr. Jin" Song Seung-hun is different.

[Photo & News] "Time Slip Dr. Jin" Song Seung-hun is different.
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Song Seung-hun is sweating beads of sweat for the drama "Time Slip Dr. Jin".
MBC revealed 3 steal cuts of the new weekend drama "Time Slip Dr. Jin".

Song Seung-hun has taken on the role of one of the best surgeons in Korea, Jin Hyeok. In the picture is a rehearsal of the operation scene and the staff say, "Song Seung-heon's concentration and heated passion with calm hands aroused exclamation from all of us".

As much as it's being Song Seung-hun's first doctor role since his debut, he's been busy learning the medical terms factors needed to become the perfect character.

The production say, "Song Seung-hun feels attached to this drama as much as this is his first come back in a long time and his commitment is amazing".

"Time Slip Dr. Jin" is based on an original by Japanese comic artist Murakami Motoka about a modern day doctor who travels up to the 1860s and performing his medical skills there. To be aired after MVC TV drama "Feast of the Gods" on the 26th.

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