[News] 2PM’s Taec Yeon: “I’ll try not to be misunderstood”.

[News] 2PM’s Taec Yeon: “I’ll try not to be misunderstood”.
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2PM’s Taec Yeon recently said sorry to Infinite’s fans.

On June 9, Taec Yeon tweeted, “It seems like you guys misunderstood me. I think it’s important to remove misunderstandings like this. Congratulations on the 2nd anniversary of Infinite’s debut and I’ll be more careful not to be misunderstood in the future.”

Taec Yeon was misled by Infinite’s fans when he was tweeting with G.NA.

On June 8, G.NA tweeted, “Even though I couldn’t win first place on today’s M Countdown, I want to thank those who voted for me and helped me to be nominated with senior singers Baek Ji Young and Infinite!” Then Taec Yeon tweeted, “It’s weird that Infinite members are your senior singers.”

G.NA replied in both English and Korean, “Why! Guess age wise… I think it’s because I’m older than you. You guys are like big seniors.” Taec Yeon said in English, “No way. Like I always say, we’re growing old together.”

Inspirit (Infinite’s official fan club) members read these tweets and misunderstood that Taec Yeon said Infinite is not a big senior and complained to Taec Yeon.

Taec Yeon tried to stop quarrels by saying, “I hope this is the end of the matter. Each fan thinks their stars are precious.”

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