[VOD & News] Full trailer for Takakura Ken’s ‘Anata e’ impresses with stellar cast.

[VOD & News] Full trailer for Takakura Ken’s ‘Anata e’ impresses with stellar cast.
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The full trailer for the upcoming movie road movie ‘Anata e‘, starring Takakura Ken in his 205th movie, has finally been released on the official website.

‘Anata e’ is directed by Furuhata Yasuo, who already worked with Takakura in 20 other films. It tells the story of a Japanese prison counselor called ‘Kurashima Eiji‘ (Takakura) who lost his beloved wife (Tanaka) at the relatively young age of 53. In her last ‘etegami’ (picture letter) to him, she wrote down that she would like to have her ashes scattered over the sea in her hometown.

In order to fulfill her last wish and in order to find out more about his late wife, Kurashima takes her ashes and begins his travel from Toyama to Nagasaki with his camper van. Along the way, he’ll run into many different people and experience an unforgettable journey.

The movie is based on a draft by the late Ichiko Seichi and was completed by scriptwriter Aoshima Takeshi. The distance between Toyama and Nagasaki is 1,200 kilometers (745 miles), but due to some scenes having to be filmed in various outskirts, the team around Takakura had to travel for a total of 9,050 kilometers (5,623 miles) during a period of two and a half months.

A breathtaking ensemble of actors are appearing in smaller and bigger roles throughout the movie, including Kitano Takeshi, Sato Koichi, Kusanagi Tsuyoshi, Tanaka Yuko, Nagatsuka Kyozo, Harada Mieko, Yo Kimiko, Ayase Haruka, Miura Takahiro, Otaki Hideji, Asano Tadanobu, Okamura Takashi, and many more. The trailer already introduces many of the characters they are portraying in the movie.

‘Anata e’ is going to open in cinemas nationwide on August 25th.

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