[Photo & News] So Ji Sup makes himself a doting dad.

[Photo & News] So Ji Sup makes himself a doting dad.
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A couple of photos of actor So Ji Sup on the set are in the limelight.

On June 29, a video clip filmed on the set of SBS’s Wednesday-Thursday series Ghost was posted on the official webpage of the series.

In the video clip, actor So spends some quality time with child actor Kim Woo Hyun, who plays the role of So Ji Sup’s son. The doting “dad” gives the child a massage on his shoulders and brings a toy for him.

The nice and handsome actor even taught the child how to act in detail and later gave him a compliment: “This kid acts as well as an adult actor.”

Netizens responded: “So is nice and handsome—too good to be true.” “So Ji Sup rocks. I can’t get him out of my head.”

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