[News] Kwon Oh-joong in 'noise marketing'

[News] Kwon Oh-joong in 'noise marketing'.
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Kwon Oh-joong's appearance in a reality program where he experiences working in a company was mistakenly reported by a media source that he was actually getting a company job.

This media reported on the 8th that Kwon Oh-joong was doing marketing work in a big company. Just by looking at the title, it can be understood that Kwon Oh-joong was quitting the celebrity business and getting a real marketing job at a company. However, the contents of the article says that he's just starring in a reality program.

Kwon Oh-joong's agency told OSEN that Kwon Oh-joong is working for KCC through this reality program and he will be doing this along with other acting jobs.

MBC Everyone claimed, "Kwon Oh-joong is working with the KCC Project Team. It's a reality program so he's actually learning the work".

Kwon Oh-joong's reality program is titled, "9 To 6" and will be aired for the first time on the 18th. Kwon Oh-joong is currently starring in the MBC weekend drama "A Hundred Year's Inheritance".

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