[Photo & Spoiler] "Dr. JIN" Song Seung-heon chooses Jang Young-nam and not Park Min-young.

[Photo & Spoiler] "Dr. JIN" Song Seung-heon chooses Jang Young-nam and not Park Min-young.
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Song Seung-heon gave not Park Min-young but Jang Yeong-nam, penicillin.

Hong Young-rae (Park Min-young) headed to the medical building to give Jin Hyuk (Song Seung-heon) his clothes. She then saw the fire on the building and ran into the fire to save the penicillin.

She got the penicillin but had a big burn on her shoulder. Lee Ha-eung (Lee Beom-soo) advised Jin Hyuk, "I'll deal with things so use your medication to Yeong-rae".

Previously, Jin Hyuk performed a tumor-removal surgery on the Queen's favorite nephew's wife Jo (Jang Young-nam). She suffered from a high fever after the removal and she also needed the penicillin.

Jin Hyuk was in a path of choice. He could only give the penicillin to one person; the woman he loved or Jo whose life was in danger.

Jin Hyuk told Yeong-rae, "There is a policy I made when I made this and that is to use medication on whoever needs it first regardless of who it is. You might've saved this from the fire but there is someone who needs this more than you do and I'm going to give it to her".

Young-rae told him, "That's the right decision. I would've been disappointed if you didn't do that. I'm alright so go and save her".

Jin took care of Jo and said, "It's a temporary fever and it'll go down soon. Sterilize it well and there should be no problem. I will make the medication as soon as I can". The Jo husband and wife showed their appreciation for Jin's work as they told him, "We will never forget your concern if this goes well".

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