[News] "The Moon Embracing the Sun" receives silver award at Shanghai TV Festival.

[News] "The Moon Embracing the Sun" receives silver award at Shanghai TV Festival.
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MBC’s former Wednesday and Thursday series “The Moon Embracing the Sun” has scored a silver trophy at the Magnolia Awards, the awards ceremony hosted during the annual Shanghai Television Festival.

“The Moon Embracing the Sun,” which had peaked at 46.1 percent in ratings during its run early this year, was presented with the silver award--the second highest honor--at the Shanghai Culture Square in Shanghai, China on Jun 15, according to the broadcaster’s officials on Tuesday.

With the broadcaster’s nature documentary “Tears of the Antarctic”--the third instalment of nature documentary series “Tears of the Earth”--being shorted under the documentary category, MBC has become the first in Korean broadcasters’ history to enter both segments the same year.

Also honored under the TV series category is the second winner's co-recipient “Kaseifu no Mita” on Japan’s NTV and British-American TV series “Downton Abbey” on BBC, which grabbed the winning trophy at this year’s event.

“Both ’Zenith’ and ‘Tears of the Antarctic’ have been nominated under respective segments last week but unfortunately, the two shows failed to win a trophy this year,” an official from MBC told 10Asia in a phone interview Tuesday.

“The Moon,” starring Han Ga-in, Kim Soo-hyun and Jung Il-woo, is arguably the biggest hit of all during the first half of 2012 and had been dominating both the Wednesday and Thursday primetime and weekly ratings charts between January and March.

In the meantime, KBS’ animated series “Kioka” won the top place under the animation category at the ceremony held last Friday.

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