[News] Jang Nara cancels upcoming activities due to manager's sudden death.

[News] Jang Nara cancels upcoming activities due to manager's sudden death. 
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Korean actress and singer Jang Nara is suffering the pain of the loss of her manager who died of a sudden heart attack during their stay in China. Jang's agency posted an official statement on the singer's website early this morning saying that the "Sweet Dreams" songstress stopped all her scheduled events in China after her manager, Kim Hyo-shik, suddenly died of a heart attack.

According to the statement, Kim suffered a heart attack on Tuesday while accompanying the artist in China to promote her first Chinese-language film "Flying With You" and to celebrate the release of her fourth Chinese album "Journey of Love."

 The officials said he was rushed to the hospital to undergo emergency procedures but was later pronounced dead. Kim was known for his sincerity and hardworking attitude and was expecting his first child in October.

Meanwhile, halting all promotional events will likely damage the singer's activities this year as it has been less than a month since she released her latest album and the film opened in the country on Tuesday.

Before going to China, Jang and Lin have been in Korea together to promote their feature at the 16th Puchon International Fantastic Film Festival held between July 19 and 29.

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