[Photo & News] Kim Hyun-joong hangs out with co-stars on “City Conquest” set.

[Photo & News] Kim Hyun-joong hangs out with co-stars on “City Conquest” set. 
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Hallyu star Kim Hyun-joong has been seen enjoying his time with his co-stars on the shooting set of his forthcoming TV series, "City Conquest."

The drama’s promoter Feel Boy Entertainment revealed Tuesday, pictures of Kim shooting scenes on location in Japan for "City Conquest" with actress Jung Yu-mi and actor Park Hyo-joon. In the images released by the firm, the three actors, who play best friends in the series, are displaying their close relationship at a gathering in a restaurant.

They are seen chatting with one another and putting their arms around each other's shoulders while waking the streets. The officials noted in the statement that the threesome created a harmonious atmosphere on the shooting set which the staff and crew enjoyed.

"City Conquest," the TV adaptation of the comic of the same name, will center around Baek Mir [played by Kim] going through difficulties in life as an orphan. After finalizing its negotiations with local broadcasting firms, “City Conquest” organizers will announce which channel will air the new action drama later this year.

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