[News] "Jang Hee-bin" to be remade in March next year.

[News] "Jang Hee-bin" to be remade in March next year.
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Femme fatale "Jang Hee-bin" will be remade into "Jang Ok-jeong, Lives in Love" through SBS. Drama productions Story TV announced on the 20th, "Historical femme fatale Jang Hee-bin will be made into a drama in March next year".

Story TV explained, "The cast for the role of Jang Ok-jeong (Jang Hee-bin) is in process and the drama will start being made at the end of the year. The difference in this drama is that it will be modernized with depth and imagination".

Meanwhile, Story TV was established in 2010 and has created dramas like, "Glowing She", "Immortal Classic", "While You Were Sleeping", "Couple Clinic - Love and War Season 2" and more.

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