[News] Jerry Yan ChengXu wants to Protect His Lovelife: "Please Give 'Us' Some Space!".

[News] Jerry Yan ChengXu wants to Protect His Lovelife: "Please Give 'Us' Some Space!".

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Jerry Yan ChengXu and Lin ChiLing have been rumored to be a couple for many years; last month, at around the time of the opening ceremonies of the Olympics, a rumor that the couple had secretly gotten married surfaced. Jerry was asked about the rumor yesterday; he first lowered his head, as though lost in thought, then laughed, "How could there be such a ridiculous thing?" with a suspicious expression on his face.

35-year-old Jerry appeared at an endorsement event; regarding his secret wedding bell rumors with Lin ChiLing, Jerry said only, "How can they be so ridiculous?" Asked whether his new, top secret, $90 million NTD house in the 華城 Hua Cheng district was really a newlywed lovenest, Jerry denied it but said ambiguously, "When you meet the right "match," you'll act a little impulsively. I hope that you'll give "us" a little space. In addition to family, love is also very important . . . I hope everyone will show us a little mercy." But who is this "us"? Jerry appeared to have let something slip, but his manager insisted, "Jerry just meant that he wished to have space to be able to date or make new friends." Jerry chimed in, looking at the media, "Do you have anyone you can introduce me to?"

Jerry revealed that seeing his older sister's child a few days ago really touched him. On the day of her birthday, Jerry's mother apparently made a very simple wish: "Having children around is so nice." Jerry thought his mother must have a hard time saying such things normally, like "She really wants to see a little 'Jerry'!"

Jerry's upcoming movie, 'Ripples of Desire', will be released at the end of the year. Jerry admitted that the styling and image of his character in the movie, a pirate, is most like the private Jerry: "Actually, I'm normally very sloppy and very boring-- I really don't look like the Jerry you might be used to seeing, neat and elegant.

Rumor has it that Jerry received $2.35 million NTD for the movie. Jerry didn't deny the rumor but said merely, "Oh, have they exaggerated it that much?" Director Chou MeiLing praised Jerry and said that his temper has improved. Jerry revealed that he has recently been taking better care of his health and that he has discovered that one's mood and feelings are heavily linked to one's health and diet.

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