[News] "Faith" Kim Hee-sun's secret card to overcome 'go to hell'.

[News] "Faith" Kim Hee-sun's secret card to overcome 'go to hell'.
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Kim Hee-sun is about to dominate Yoo Oh-sung with a secret weapon to overcome 'go to hell'.

Kim Hee-sun from the SBS drama "Faith" is about surprise viewers with her spells of the skies and new techniques. In the previous episode, she threatened Ki-chul (Yoo Oh-sung) with the pleasurable words, 'go to hell' as he was blinding King Gong-min (Ryu Duk-hwan).

On the seventh episode of the drama, it is expected that she will use something even stronger than 'go to hell'.

Eun-soo's special spell is about to demonstrate amazing effect on Kyung Chang-gun (Choi Won-hong) to reduced his pain and surprise Choi Young as well. Her 'secret weapon' is hidden in this spell.

A spokesperson for "Faith" claims, "Yoo Eun-soo's bright personality in the drama is almost like the real Kim Hee-sun. The scene where she creates the spell is attractive enough to woe anyone watching her".

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