[News] Lee Min Ho gets on his knees on Faith: “Treasonable conspiracy?”.

[News] Lee Min Ho gets on his knees on Faith: “Treasonable conspiracy?”.
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Lee Min Ho will face the biggest crisis in SBS’s new Monday-Tuesday series Faith.

In the September 3 episode of the series, Lee, who has been strongly fighting against Yoo Oh Sung with his talented martial arts skills, will get on his knees when he was surrounded by the government army.

The picture, which was released online, is featuring Lee, who plays the role of Choi Young, kneeling down while staring into space helplessly. People who saw the picture started wondering what happened to Lee.

Since his sword and a shield are gone and Kim Hee Sun (plays the role of Eun Soo), who he has been protecting hard, is not featured in the picture, many people are guessing that Lee is in the moment of the biggest crisis.

In the sixth episode of the series, which aired on August 28, unexpected assassins made Lee took Kyeong Chang Goon and Eun Soo out and he was involved in a treasonable conspiracy.

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