[News] "The Horse Healer" Kim So-eun is a Chosun Princess.

[News] "The Horse Healer" Kim So-eun is a Chosun Princess. 
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MBC historical drama "The Horse Healer" Kim So-eun is a Chosun Princess. She takes on the role of Princess Suk-hui, younger sister to the 18th King Hyun-jong. She is a beloved sister and daughter to Hyeon-jong and Hyo-jong, with a strong ambition.

She meets Baek Gwang-hyun (Jo Seung-woo) to treat her cat and feels attracted to him as he performs his medical talents. Kim So-eun is coming back with this historical for the first time in a long time after "The Iron Empress" and she mentioned, "I am so happy to be doing this.

If I was a princess of strong character in "The Iron Empress" I will show you what a fancy and confident princess is like this time". Kim Jong Hak Productions is also looking forward to her performance as the princess. "The Horse Healer" will be broadcasted after "Golden Time". It is the life story of a horse vet making his way up to become the royal physician.

Produced by Lee Byung-hun, the master of historicals, and written by Kim yi-yung. The cast includes, Jo Seung-woo, Lee Yo-won, Son Chang-min, Yoo Sun, Lee Sang-woo and more. To be aired on the 1st of October.

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  1. kim so eun es mi actriz favorita en toda korea..!!!!!!!!! me encanta...


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