[News] "The 3rd Hospital" Oh Ji-oh's lean msucles.

[News] "The 3rd Hospital" Oh Ji-oh's lean msucles. 
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Oh Ji-ho revealed his tight and lean body in the cable TV tvN drama "The 3rd Hospital". On the sixth episode of this drama, Kim Seung-hyeon (Oh Ji-ho) and Lee Eui-jin (Choi Soo-young) live under one roof together and he accidentally shows her his body.

This is not the first time and Oh Ji-ho had once revealed his tight abs in the 2010 drama "The Slave Hunters". It's obvious he takes care of himself even while he is busy with work. In the swimming scene, he was shy but performed the act of peeking from behind the curtains so well he aroused laughter from the set. Oh Ji-oh's body can be seen on the episode of "The 3rd Hospital" on this day.

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