[News] Jang Hyuk considering taking on lead role in ‘Iris 2′.

[News] Jang Hyuk considering taking on lead role in ‘Iris 2′.
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Actor Jang Hyuk has risen as a potential male lead for the drama, ‘Iris 2‘.

‘Iris 2′ will be broadcast in the early half of next year and is the sequel to the popular drama ‘Iris‘ that aired in 2009. Production company,Taewon Entertainment, is said to have offered the lead role to Jang Hyuk, who is positively considering the role. One broadcast representative stated, “Although an official contract has not yet been signed, Jang Hyuk’s casting seems to be in its last stages. They are now at the point of making a final decision.”

Jang Hyuk, who recently appeared in ‘Deep-Rooted Tree‘ and ‘Chuno‘, has become quite well known for his skills in action scenes, and is thus being sought after for the action blockbuster sequel. One representative stated, “Jang Hyuk is only one of the few actors with both star performance and acting skills. He is worthy of being the main character of the action blockbuster, ‘Iris 2′.”

‘Iris 2′ is scheduled to air next February.

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