[News] Ko Soo, Han Hyo-joo’s Romance Movie Cranks Up.

[News] Ko Soo, Han Hyo-joo’s Romance Movie Cranks Up.
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Korean actor Ko Soo and actress Han Hyo-joo’s new melodrama “Love 911” has wrapped up its shooting to open in local theaters this winter.

The pair has finished their four-month shooting with a romantic scene shot at Gangnamdaero in the southeastern part of Seoul, Korea on September 6, the film’s distribution firm NEW said in a press release Thursday.

Running around on the bustling street of Seoul, Ko and Han immersed in their characters perfectly and depicted their characters' emotions, the officials said.

“Love 911” is a romantic story of fire fighter Gang-il [played by Ko] and female doctor Mi-soo [Han], who both carry scars from their past experiences of the wife's death and a medical accident. They slowly begin healing their own pain after meeting each other,

Helmed by director Jung Ki-hoon of tear-staining pic "Goodbye Mom" (2009), the healing movie is set to open in December after its post-production work ends.

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