[News] Kim Soo-hyun's Film Adaptation of "Covertness" Finalizes Cast to Begin Production.

[News] Kim Soo-hyun's Film Adaptation of "Covertness" Finalizes Cast to Begin Production. 
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Production firm MCMC and director Jang Cheol-soo will soon begin cameras rolling on the film adaptation of cartoonist Hun's "Covertness." The forthcoming movie starring actors Kim Soo-hyun and Park Ki-woong will begin its four-month-long filming on October 17, as it has finalized the cast members, the movie's co-producer KEYEAST said in a press release Friday.

To vividly picture the tragic division of the Korean peninsula, Kim will portray a North Korean spy here going through identity crisis after adjusting to the new environment and becoming part of the neighborhood. Catering the movie to a wide range of tastes, MCMC and KEYEAST have chosen "The Chaser" actor Son Hyun-joo to take on the role of a North Korea army뭩 elite instructor who crosses the boarder to eliminate spies that refuse to follow the government order.

Judging by the crew casting not a few number of talented budding stars such as SBS "For You in Full Blossoms" actor Lee Hyun-woo and actor Kim Sung-kyun of "War on Crime: the Golden Age of Bad Guys" (2012), the staffs have gone through a careful decision to fill up the casting boat with actors suitable for each role. Director Jang is best known for producing 2010 film "Bedevilled," which put his name on the global film stage after being invited to the 63th Cannes Film Festival in France in 2010.

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