[News] Kim Tae Hee attends ‘Beautiful Charity Bazaar’.

[News] Kim Tae Hee attends ‘Beautiful Charity Bazaar’. 
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Kim Tae Hee recently attended LG‘s ‘Beautiful Charity Bazaar‘ fundraising event in Seoul. Kim Tae Hee, who is currently endorsing cosmetics brand O Hui, introduced the limited edition ‘Beautiful Number One Kit with Kim Tae Hee’, which includes an illustration that Kim Tae Hee drew herself.

The profits from the kit will fund surgeries for children with congenital deformities. The actress also actively participated in the auction, offering her own makeup kit and personal belongings.

However, the biggest issue of the event was her waist size. The one-piece dress that she wore is reported to be a size 33 (Korea). Singer IU is known to be a size 33.5, and female celebrities are reported to wear a size 44 on average.

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