[News] Kim Yuna and Kang Dong Won chosen as the #1 wife and husband material.

[News] Kim Yuna and Kang Dong Won chosen as the #1 wife and husband material. 
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Y-Star‘s ‘Curious‘ revealed their list of unmarried celebrities and sports stars who were chosen as the best wife/husband material. The survey was directed to women who have been married for more than 20 years as well as couple managers.

They were asked to pick the celebrity they wanted as a daughter or son-in-law. Figure skater Kim Yuna held a strong first place out of the women. She beat out competition such as Kim Tae Hee and Shin Se Kyung because of her naturally beautiful face, shrewd personality, and yearly income of over 10 billion KRW (~9 million USD).

Actor Kang Dong Won landed at #1 among the men. He gained the sole attention of all the married women because of his handsome looks, 137 IQ, and mechanical engineering degree from a top university. He was also picked unanimously by the couple managers because his father is the vice president of a global enterprise that ranks top 10 worldwide.

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