[News] Choi Daniel Confirms Role in Jana Nara’s New Teen Drama.

[News] Choi Daniel Confirms Role in Jana Nara’s New Teen Drama.
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Actor Choi Daniel is teaming up with the “Baby Faced Beauty” once again for KBS’ upcoming Monday and Tuesday TV series.

Choi has been cast as one of the male leads in “2013 School” [tentative title], opposite to Hallyu star Jang Nara, the show’s promoter YTree Media said in a press release Tuesday.

The actor will play the role of a Korean language teacher named Kang Se-chan. Kang works at a has a good reputation from students and their parents.

“We believe Choi will be able to pull off this role that goes back and forth between being an elite and a charismatic man. We're certain that he will perform a strong teamwork with Jang Nara as well,” an official from the show’s production company Contents K was quoted as saying in the statement.

Meanwhile, Hyoyeong, a member of female idol group 5dolls and T-ara’s former member Hwa-young’s older sister, is also rumored to be on board. However, a producer from the firm said the idol star has yet to confirm her role.

Co-produced by directors Lee Min-hong of KBS’ famed teenage drama “School 1” (1999) and Lee Eung-bok of “Dream High 1” (2011), “2013 School” is set to fill in KBS’ Monday and Tuesday primetime slot after “Ohlala Couple” ends its run in November.

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