[News] Is Ariel Lin a third party in her new relationship?

[News] Is Ariel Lin a third party in her new relationship? 
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Did Taiwanese actress Ariel Lin cause the split between new boyfriend Charles Lin and his ex-girlfriend Kay?

The actress has been acquaintances with Charles for the past 10 years. The couple met again at a friend’s wedding in December. They began dating in August this year.

However, things appear to be unresolved between Charles and his ex-girlfriend Kay. Kay apparently called Ariel and told her that her relationship with Charles was not over. She claimed that she and Charles were preparing to get married this year, until Ariel appeared.

Kay also revealed that Ariel insisted on wanting to give the new relationship a try and that she had gotten together with Charles after the breakup.

Ariel has denied the accusations. She stated that she started to date Charles after he told her that he had broken up with his girlfriend and added that she has absolute trust in him.

The actress also thinks that Kay might have mistaken her as the third party as she started dating Charles shortly after he broke up with Kay.

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