[News] “Ohlala Couple,” “The Faith” Race Neck-and-neck.

[News] “Ohlala Couple,” “The Faith” Race Neck-and-neck.
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KBS’ drama “Ohlala Couple” and SBS’ “The Faith” is in a fierce battle on the Monday and Tuesday primetime ratings chart.

“Ohlala Couple” outperformed "The Faith" and topped the chart for the second week in a row, attracting an average rating of 12.9 percent this week, according to data polled by TNmS [Total National Multimedia Statistics].

Starring actress Kim Jung-eun and actor Shin Hyun-joon, the rom-com has creased up the audience by whimsically portraying the soul change of a married couple -- Ahn Soon-ae [played by Kim] and Nam Il-seok [played by Shin].

By a slight margin, SBS “The Faith” reclaimed the No.2 position by registering 12.4 percent of ratings on the chart.

Bouncing back from continuous fall in ratings the past month, "The Faith" has successfully regained the viewers' attention by focusing on Yoo Eun-su [played by Kim] making his decision to elope away with Choi Young [played by Lee].

MBC’s historical drama “Maeui” [in Romanized Korean], starring actor Cho Seung-woo and actress Lee Yo-won, sat in the last place after registering 7.6 percent.

On the AGB Nielson Media Research chart, the three TV series were placed in the same order but recorded slightly different numbers during the second week of October.

While “Ohlala Couple” reigned atop the chart with 13.1 percent of the audience tuned in, “The Faith” and “Maeui” followed next with 9.4 and 9.2 percent, respectively.

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