[News] Park Ki-woong “Tried to Be G-Dragon and Super Junior’s Heechul”.

[News] Park Ki-woong “Tried to Be G-Dragon and Super Junior’s Heechul”.
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Korean actor Park Ki-woong has revealed his ideal models for depicting a top idol star in upcoming TV series “Full House Take 2.”

At the drama's press conference opened at the SBS Prism Tower’s auditorium in Seoul on Thursday, the "Bridal Mask" star unveiled the secret to depicting his character Won Kang-hwi was closely examining Big Bang's G-Dragon and Super Junior's Heechul.

“Won Kang-hwi is an easy-going and friendly singer who has a good sense of humor and fashion. The scriptwriter explained to me that he has a mixed character of G-Dragon’s good sense of fashion style and Heechul’s friendly personality,” Park said, showing his committment to the role.

“They both have a lovely persona, but I don't. So it wasn’t easy for me to depict the innocent character that was largely different from my real personality. But it was a fun and memorable experience,” added Park, recalling his memory.

The sequel to Song Hye-gyo and singer Rain's “Full House" pivots around a hapkido teacher Jang Man-ok [played by Hwang Jung-eum] and top idol group TAKE ONE--formed of Lee Tae-ik [played by No Min-woo] and Won Kang-hwi [played by Park].

As Man-ok gets hired as a stylist of TAKE ONE and moves in to the two top stars' luxurious house Tae-ik inherited from his father, they begin to fall into a love triangle.

The romantic comedy--co-produced by three production firms from Korea, Japan and China--will hit the airwaves in Korea on SBS Plus on October 22 and in Japan on TBS October 29.

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