[VOD / Photo & News] 'The Great Seer' upcoming SBS's historical drama.

[VOD / Photo & News] 'The Great Seer' upcoming SBS's historical drama.
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Upcoming SBS new historical drama 'The Great Seer' has finally started filming as the cast gathered together for a script reading session. The drama is slated for 36 episodes airing on Mon-Tues after 'Faith', which on the long side of primetime dramas but much shorter than the usual weekend sageuk epics.

It’s amusingly apropos for this drama to follow Faith, which is set in the Goryeo period, while TGS is about the late Goryeo period having a fictional great seer who ends up guiding real life historical figure Lee Sung Gye in overthrowing Goryeo and founding the Joseon dynasty.

The cast had been set early with Go Soo playing the great seer, Ji Jin Hee as Lee Sung Gye, and Kim So Yeon rounding out the main cast as the female lead and love interest to both men.

Unfortunately Go Soo dropped out last month citing a scheduling conflict, but luckily Ji Sung confirmed that he was taking over in the titular role.

Ji Jin-hee (Take Care of Us, Captain) He plays General Lee Sung Kye, who becomes the first king of the Joseon dynasty. Ji Jin-hee’s version of the character is described as a man who could enjoy bawdy talk with gisaengs unlike the high-ranking officials who emphasized honor and dignity and is called a “light-hearted general,” though once on the battlefield he turns fierce and charismatic. Ji Jin Hee is a saguk veteran (everyone remembers him in Dae Jang Geum) and played a Joseon King before in Dong Yi.

Ji Sung (Protect the Boss) as Ji Sang. He’s a seer, born with the ability to see into people’s past and future. In the late Goryeo period, he becomes a scholar of divination, and he will eventually become instrumental in the collapse of the Goryeo period and the rise of the Chosun era when he helps General Lee Sung Gye. Ji Sung’s first saguk was not so long ago with Kim Soo Ro, where he played the founding king of the Geumgwan Gaya (an early Korean confederacy).

This will be leading lady Kim So Yeon’s first saguk. Kim So Yeon (Coffee), She will play Hae In, another quirky healer, who is bold when it comes to protecting her beliefs and her love. Her character is tied to the king’s destiny, but she falls in love with the seer, Ji Sang.

The rest of the cast is also quite top notch, including among others Song Chang Ui, Lee Yoon Ji, and Jo Min Ki.

Song Chang-eui (Syndrome) He plays the Lee Jung Geunrival seer, who has great influence. He too has studied all the divination texts, and challenges Ji Sang at every turn.

Lee Yoon Ji (King 2 Hearts). She plays Banya, a concubine who ends up the mother to a king. When she was young, she was sold off to become a gisaeng. She then becomes the mistress of King Gongnim’s advisor, and when she becomes pregnant, the King takes in the child as his son. It is this child who will grow up to be King Woo of the Goryeo period, the royal whom General Lee Sung Kye will dethrone.

Jo Min Ki as Lee In Im. “A military hero and high official who led a small yet strong anti Ming faction that assassinated King Gongmin”

'The Great Seer' will be air in early November after Faith wraps up.

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