[Photo & News] "The Great Seer" cast behind-the-scenes.

[Photo & News] "The Great Seer" cast behind-the-scenes.
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SBS revealed a behind-the-scenes cut from the drama "The Great Seer". While there are fancy costumes and detailed sets being made for this drama, the appearance of talented actors and actresses drew attention.

In some of the pictures revealed on the 5th, the actors and actresses seem more friendly than serious. Yoo Tae-joon in the role of King Gong-min can be seen fanning himself in the heat and director Lee Yong-seok can be seen with an ice pack on his shoulder.

'The Great Seer' also known as 'Dae Poong Soo' will be a Wed-Thursday SBS show that follows To The Beautiful You. Seeing it’s up against Arang and the Magistrate, and Nice Guy, that’s quite a tough competition to beat.

This drama will be about the practicers of divination and the power that they hold over the fate of the country. The story will focus on the turbulent decline of Goryeo and those behind the scenes who held the power to back a new leader. Ji Jin-hee plays the man put into power who sees the end of the Goryeo dynasty and becomes the first king of Joseon, and Go Soo is the seer who cements that destiny.

In this drama, these seers put their support behind a new hero and back him as he works to establish a new nation. That hero is Lee Sung-gye. In real life, Yi Seong-gye was a key figure in the overthrow of the Goryeo dynasty in the late 14th century. He was the founder of the Joseon state, bringing to power the Yi (Lee) dynasty that would rule for the next 500 years. Posthumously known as Taejo, first Joseon king, he was father to Taejong and grandfather to Sejong.

Directing is Lee Yong-seok, who has some prior fusion-sageuk experience doing Lee Jun-ki’s Iljimae. The project was initially planned as a 50-episode series, but has settled on 36 instead.

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