[News] Charmaine Sheh Brags TV Queen Nomination is Because She Performed Well.

[News] Charmaine Sheh Brags TV Queen Nomination is Because She Performed Well.
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Charmaine Sheh became the spokesperson for Eaton Hotels, yesterday she attended the press conference and expressed she will pocket 7 figures for the 3 year contract. She said she and her mother can stay and eat at the hotel as much as they like to.

It was rumored Charmaine signed another contract with TVB in exchange for the TV Queen award. She clarified: "TVB and I still have a per-series contact and no new contract has been discussed. I just feel I was nominated because I did well, it's hard to encounter a good role." Charmaine sees Michelle Yim, Tavia Yeung and Kate Tsui as her strongest competitors. She believes this year the 'one vote per person' public voting system is much fairer.

Lately Charmaine has been choosing a script. She will not be able to attend the TVB Anniversary Awards this year, but she made it clear that she is maintaining a good relationship with TVB and hope to participate in a TVB series next year. "I already rested for one round, and hope to find a comedy series to be in next year. I really want to keep my HK fans." As for Ben Wong and Raymond Cho left out in the nominations and scolded TVB for their unfair treatment? Charmaine expressed she is not sure why the two weren't nominated, but she agrees they are both very good actors and she will definitely support them.

When speaking of MCI Candy Chang's drug case, Charmaine was very shocked. Asked if she felt Candy damaged the Miss HK and MCI image? Charmaine said she does not want to comment too much: "It's hard to answer, leave it to the police. I read about the artists using drugs at the restaurant, but I have never been influenced into doing drugs. I'm already too busy filming series and I'm already skinny enough. If drugs get into the mix, I'm going to die!"

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