[News] Choi Daniel to Act as Capitalistic Teacher in ′School 2013′.

[News] Choi Daniel to Act as Capitalistic Teacher in ′School 2013′.
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Choi Daniel took the stand to teach as a new type of teacher in KBS2′s upcoming drama School 2013.

The actor will appear as the short-term teacher Kang Se Chan at Seung Ri High School. He previously worked as a popular language instructor, and so believes that if he ′serves′ students as he does at a cram school, schools will change.

His character is expected to bring to light the problems in the schools of today and approach them from a new perspective.

In the recent stills released from the set of School 2013, Choi Daniel is shown as a perfect fit for his role. He looks and feels like a real teacher, as his lively eyes shine behind his glasses while he stands in front of a blackboard full of chalk marks.

Choi Daniel said about Kang Se Chan, "Kang Se Chan is a very charming character. He is a figure who sees schools from a new perspective, not as a teacher in the mold, and so I believe it will be interesting to see what schools are really like through his views. I′m working hard, so you can look forward to it."

School 2013 also stars Jang Nara, Lee Jong Seok, Park Se Young, Kim Woo Bin and Ryu Hyoyoung. It marks the return of the popular School series, which helped Zo In Sung, Jang Hyuk and Kim Min Hee to stardom.

It airs its first episode on December 3.

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