[News] “The Horse Doctor” Stays Powerful on TV Ratings Chart.


[News] “The Horse Doctor” Stays Powerful on TV Ratings Chart.
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MBC’s Monday and Tuesday series “The Horse Doctor” has proved its undeniable popularity on the ratings chart this week.

The period-set series pulled off its fifth win on the chart with an average rating of 15.1 percent between November 12 and 13, data polled by TNmS [Total National Multimedia Statistics] showed Wednesday.

The Cho Seung-woo and Lee Yo-won starrer has been grabbing viewers’ attention by depicting Joseon Dynasty’s medical practice and success story of a veterinarian Baek Gwang-hyeon [played by Cho] growing into a loyal doctor.

KBS’ “Ohlala Couple” secured its No. 2 status after attracting an average 11.1 percent of the total viewers' eyes in the same time frame.

With only two episodes left, the soul-shifting story focused on Yeo-ok [played by Kim Jung-eun] after all enjoying sweet date with her first love, Hyeon-woo [played by Han Jae-seok] as a reward for all of the hardship she had to go through.

The bottom of the chart was SBS’ “THE LORD OF THE DRAMA,” which had kicked off its run last week and jumped to 9.1 percent ratings this week, showing 2.5 rise from the first week.

Starring Kim Myung-min, Jung Ryeo-won and Super Junior’s Siwon, the drama centers around an ambivalent TV producer Anthony Kim [played by Kim], a rookie scriptwriter Lee Go-eun [Jeong] and an arrogant Hallyu star Kang Hyun-min [Siwon].

In the meantime, AGB Nielson Research’s data showed the three dramas in the same order but with different figures from the TNmS’ during the third week of November.

While “The Horse Doctor” grabbed the top seed with 15.5 percent, “Ohlala Couple” and “THE LORD OF THE DRAMA” followed with 9.8 and 7.5 percent ratings, repectively.

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