[News] Hyun Bin to have a week’s furlough.

[News]  Hyun Bin to have a week’s furlough.
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Actor Hyun Bin will leave his military camp on November 15 temporarily to have his last furlough.
On November 14, a spokesperson for Hyun Bin reported, “Hyun Bin will have his last furlough soon and take care of his work for eight days.

He will focus on things that he needs to do after leaving his military duty. He also has to take care of his agency issue and go through scripts to choose his first work in two years. He’ll take a break for a while and plan for the future.”

Hyun Bin’s contract with AM Entertainment has recently been terminated. The agency merged with SM C&C. Jang Dong Gun recently made a contract with SM C&C.

However, Hyun Bin won’t move to SM C&C. Instead, he is thinking of making a contract with ON Entertainment, which his former boss newly founded. During his break, he will make a decision on the matter.
Starting his military service in April last year, Hyun Bin will leave his military duty on December 6.

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