[News] Is Zhang Ziyi engaged?

[News] Is Zhang Ziyi engaged?
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A simple gold band, suspected to be an engagement ring, was spotted on the actress’s right hand.

Thirty-three year old Zhang Ziyi has denied all rumours linking her to CCTV host Sa Beining despite being extensively photographed together.

A recent upload on her micro-blog may have let the cat out of the bag, with eagle-eyed netizens spotting a gold band on her right middle finger.

The night before, Ziyi reportedly felt unwell while filming action-drama film The Grandmasters and was immediately rushed to the emergency room to be put on drip.

Afterwards, she uploaded the photo of the drip and her hand with the caption, “They say that if the film is to succeed, people will collapse… They also said that once we collapse, the film will do well. I’ll choose to believe it!”

The Grandmasters boasts a stellar cast, with Tony Leung taking on the role of Ip Man and Korean actress Song Hye-gyo.

After spotting the ring, netizens have asked Ziyi if the ring is indeed an engagement ring, but both Ziyi and Beining have remained silent over the issue.

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