[News] Jung Ryu Won reveals, “I don’t gain weight easily.”

[News] Jung Ryu Won reveals, “I don’t gain weight easily.”
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Jung Ryu Won revealed the secret behind her perfect body.

On the episode of SBS’s One Night TV Entertainment that aired on the afternoon of November 7, the lead actors of Drama Emperors: Kim Myung Min, Jung Ryu Won, Choi Siwon, Oh Ji Eun appeared at the Star Interview Corner.

Choi Siwon asked Jung, “You don’t exercise that much. What is the secret behind your body?” She answered, “I gained some weight lately.”

She said, “I’m sorry, but I usually don’t gain weight easily.” Kim Myung Min testified, “Jung Ryu Won eats quite a lot. She picks up a lot of things to eat.”

In this broadcast, Oh Seo Eun pointed out Lee Sang Yoon as her ideal type but she was disappointed when she found out that he already has someone.

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