[News] KBS to Air Documentary on Go Soo’s Volunteer Efforts in Africa.

[News] KBS to Air Documentary on Go Soo’s Volunteer Efforts in Africa.
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Like his upcoming movie title Band Aid, Go Soo has traveled to Africa and back in effort to provide some healing and relief to the people there.

As spokesmodel for the international humanitarian and development NGO, Good Neighbors, the actor traveled with a crew from KBS to Malawi back in late August to take part in volunteer work.

Spending nine nights and 10 days there, Go Soo met and befriended kids like Mayamiko who has been disabled since he was two, and lived off eating field mice to survive.

He also met the villagers there and experienced firsthand the difficult lives they lead as they struggle just to eat, drink clean water and make a decent living.

Distributing nutritional supplements and helping construct a ‘Hope Center’ there with KBS and KOICA, Go Soo was able to take part in bringing some relief and joy to the people there.

Go Soo was said to be largely affected by what he saw and experienced there and vowed to continue doing good for those he befriended in Malawi.

Go Soo’s work with the volunteer team was captured on video and will air in a special 85-minutes long documentary on KBS on November 24.

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