[News] Kim Jae Won Treats ‘May Queen’ Set to Pork Belly Party.

[News] Kim Jae Won Treats ‘May Queen’ Set to Pork Belly Party.
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Like the big star he is, Kim Jae Won has shown his appreciation for his current drama family in a big way.

It was revealed that Kim Jae Won had recently treated the entire cast and crew of his ongoing MBC drama, May Queen to a big samgyubsal (pork belly) feast.

According to a source close to Kim Jae Won, the actor wanted to show his appreciation for his drama family, especially as they shot through the frigid temperatures and decided to host a samgyubsal party and boost their spirits.

Praise from the production continued to spill over on the hard work and dedication of Kim Jae Won and showing the cast and crew had become a tight-knit family.

Perhaps due to the set’s chemistry, May Queen recently recorded its highest viewership ratings yet with a 19.3 percent rating on November 18.

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