[VOD & News] Oguri Shun and Ishihara Satomi Win Drama Acting Award for 'Rich Man, Poor Woman'.

[VOD & News] Oguri Shun and Ishihara Satomi Win Drama Acting Award for 'Rich Man, Poor Woman'.
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'Rich Man, Poor Woman' among the lot of offerings so its nice to see it getting some additional recognition. The ratings were just alright and it didn’t seem to generate a lot of buzz in Japan when it aired.

For the 74th annual Japan Drama Awards, an award sponsored by one of Japan’s top newspapers that gathers critics and viewer votes to see which dramas and performances were the most popular during each seasonal offering, 'Rich Man, Poor Woman' came away a Best Actor award for Oguri Shun, a Best Supporting Actress Award for Ishihara Satomi, and ARATA came in third in voting for Best Supporting Actor.

Oguri Shun expressed his appreciation for being able to play this character and participate in this dorama, revealing that people have said that its refreshing to see such an old-school feeling Getsuku, which was my exact first impression sentiments.

'Rich Man, Poor Woman' was totally entertaining and wonderfully addicting, while Satomi was adorably grounded and the perfect foil for his quips and quirks.

Oguri Shun 'Best Actor' and Ishihara Satomi 'Best Supporting Actress' in 74th Television Drama Academy Awards & 16th Nikkan Sports Drama Grand Prix (Summer 2012).

Oguri Shun’s Acceptance Speech: “It’s rare to get response from people watching a getsuku drama, saying it was fun to watch. I thought the drama was good. I was fortunate and feel honored to be able to interpret Hyuga Toru’s life. I’m an amateur when it comes to computer and so at the beginning, I didn’t have much confident in typing (laughs). I think nowadays Toru and Makoto are still likely to continue on their bantering ways (laughs).”

Ishihara Satomi’s Acceptance Speech: “I really enjoyed acting in this drama. Also to receive responses from the overseas audience, it made me realized that a lot people watched the drama. I’m very happy to win this award. In the beginning, the scene during company recruitment presentation had really long lines, I felt nervous when I received the script (laughs). After shooting the scene, I was embarrassed when people praised me, but it made me very happy. Nowadays Makoto should have grown accustomed to calling Toru by his name (without honorifics) (laughs).

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