[News] Lee Jun Ki Donates 10 Tons of Rice to the Needy.

[News] Lee Jun Ki Donates 10 Tons of Rice to the Needy.
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Along with the good hearts of his fans, Lee Jun Ki donated 10 tons of rice to the needy.

According to Lee Jun Ki’s company, the actor donated 10,407 kilograms of rice, give to him by his fans, to Korea Food for the Hungry International on November 1.

On the large donations, Lee Jun Ki said, “I’m always sincerely touched by the love and faith from fans all around the world that is making Lee Joon Gi into an actor. It’s a great honor to be able to pass along your care to children who are in need of love.”

The rice was given to Lee Jun Ki at the press conference of MBC’s Arang and the Magistrate. With the 10 tons of rice, 90,000 people will be able to eat a meal. The donation will be given to malnourished children and senior citizens who live alone.

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