[News] Park Jin Young Acknowledges the Songs are Similar, but Says He Did Not Plagiarise.

[News] Park Jin Young Acknowledges the Songs are Similar, but Says He Did Not Plagiarise.
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Park Jin Young insisted regarding the plagiarism claims against his song Someday that he does believe the songs are similar but that he did not plagiarise.

On November 7, Park Jin Young attended the hearing held at the Seoul District Court, and opened up for the first time on the plagiarism case filed by Kim Shin Il.

He said calmly, "Because I am a celebrity, such events are the most painful for me. The results are of course important, but from a celebrity′s point of view, this process itself is painful. I wish such things would never happen. I didn′t even get any sleep these last few days."

He added, "To avoid such incidents, before I release a song, I do some research to check if there are any similar songs. Research was done by my company, IU′s agency Loen Entertainment and the KBS music team for Someday also. All three companies were not able to find Mr. Kim Shin Il′s song."

"The reason was, I′m very sorry to say, because Mr. Kim Shin Il′s song wasn′t very well known," he said. "If I knew this song was out there, I would′ve fixed my song immediately. If I had just fixed one note or one chord, I wouldn′t have had to go through all this; why would I have released the song in the first place?"

He finished, "It is true that Mr. Kim Shin Il′s song does sound similar to mine. Four measures are similar, but since they′re repetitive, a total of two measures are similar. Thousands of songs are released every year, but actually the types of melodies that the public can sing along with easily are limited. If the ruling says I plagiarised this time, I can′t say I won′t get a similar ruling in the future."

Park Jin Young then said that he had suffered due to the controversy.

"It′s like a nightmare. Please take note of this so that other rookie composers and I can write songs confidently and use our creativity to produce a variety of songs."

Kim Shin Il filed a compensation suit against Park Jin Young on July 11, saying that Someday plagiarised his song To My Man, a track from singer Ash′s second studio album. He demanded 110 million won in compensation.

Many hearings have taken place, but Park Jin Young has never appeared in person, instead sending his legal representative to deal with the processes in court. When the justice department ruled in favor of Kim Shin Il, however, Park Jin Young lodged an appeal.

The next hearing will be held on December 12.

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