[News] Park Jin Young Says ′K-Pop Star′s′ Biggest Achievement its Effect on YG.

[News] Park Jin Young Says ′K-Pop Star′s′ Biggest Achievement its Effect on YG.
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Park Jin Young said his greatest benefit from SBS′ K-Pop Star was that Yang Hyun Suk changed for the better.

On November 9, Park Jin Young attended with fellow K-Pop Star judges Yang Hyun Suk and BoA, as well as producer Park Sung Hoon, the press roundtable for K-Pop Star 2.

He said the biggest achievement of K-Pop Star′s first season is "probably how Yang Hyun Suk (hyung) became brighter."

"He used to always look tired and his relationships with others weren′t that great, but since the second season started he′s begun to venture outside more," he said to laughs from his audience.

He added, "If there′s a downside to that, it′s that he calls me out around midnight after having a few drinks. I think other than that, it′s become a big help for him."

On a more serious note, Park Jin Young commented, "K-Pop Star not only digs out stars, but the future talents of K-Pop. Those who appeared in the first season shouldn′t just remain as contestants who appeared briefly on an audition program. That′s its biggest achievement."

K-Pop Star is an audition program which brings together the three biggest entertainment agencies in Korea - SM, YG and JYP. The winner of the first season was Park Ji Min, as she beat out runner-up Lee Hi.

The second season of the show held auditions not only in Korea, but also L.A. and New York in America, Sydney in Australia, Vancouver in Canada and London in Britain.

K-Pop Star 2 will start airing on November 18.

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