[News] Jung Ryu Won Cheers On ‘The King of Dramas’.

[News] Jung Ryu Won Cheers On ‘The King of Dramas’.
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Showing support as the lead actress, Jung Ryu Won is using everything she has to promote her new SBS drama 'The King of Dramas'.

On November, photos of the actress standing in front of a giant poster for 'The King of Dramas' was revealed. The poster was in the lobby of the SBS building in Mokdong and Jung Ryeo Won momentarily stopped to take a picture with it.

In the photo, Jung Ryu Won innocently posed with different actions and bright smiles, showing off her aegyo. She is currently acting as Lee Go Eun, who is a writer daring to create a well-made drama instead of just a popular one.

'The King of Dramas' airs every Monday and Tuesday on SBS.

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