[News] ′A Werewolf Boy′ Records Biggest Audience on 'Sooneung Day' or 'College Entrance Exams Day'.

[News] ′A Werewolf Boy′ Records Biggest Audience on 'Sooneung Day' or 'College Entrance Exams Day'.
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Song Joong Ki and Park Bo Young′s A Werewolf Boy set a record as the film that gathered the biggest audience on sooneung (college entrance exam) day.

According to the Korean Film Council′s Compiled Ticket Computer Network, A Werewolf Boy drew 341,476 people to its screens on November 8, the day of sooneung. On November 7, the day before, it also scored high numbers by bringing in 292,354.

On the day before sooneung, students were let out of school early, and students not taking the sooneung didn′t have to go to school the day of the test.

These students swarmed to the theaters instead. Though November is known to be slow season in the Box Office, A Werewolf Boy broke through and benefit from the special sooneung audiences.

Even compared to the records made by previous films that were open on sooneung day or 'College Entrance Exams Day', A Werewolf Boy′s is unprecedented.

The film that gathered the most people besides A Werewolf Boy on sooneung day was 2012, which premiered in the year 2009. This film drew 304,862 people on this day alone. 2012, however, premiered exactly on that day, and was a Hollywood blockbuster that had a high budget to work on.

This makes the new record it achieved against this giant all the more meaningful for A Werewolf Boy.

In 2008, Antique opened on or 'College Entrance Exams Day' and drew 122,963 people, while in 2011, Punch drew 111,371 despite the fact that sooneung day came on its fourth week in the Box Office.

In 2005, When Romance Meets Destiny premiered on or 'College Entrance Exams Day' and gathered a 104,745 audience, while in 2010 Haunters gathered 104,478.

There are no other films that got sold over 100,000 tickets on or 'College Entrance Exams Day'.

A rep from CJ Entertainment said, "A Werewolf Boy appeals more to teens, and because the teen stars Song Joong Ki and Park Bo Young star in the film, it′s managed to become even more popular on or 'College Entrance Exams Day'. We′re surprised and thankful at the unexpected numbers."

'A Werewolf Boy' premiered on October 31, and on November 8, just nine days after it first opened in theaters, passed the 2 million mark. On November 8 its audience numbers stood at 2,270,191.

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