[Spoiler] "The Great Seer" Ji Jin-hee contemplates loyalty.

[Spoiler] "The Great Seer" Ji Jin-hee contemplates loyalty.
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Yoo Tae-joon's test for loyalty is only weakening Ji Jin-hee's loyalty.

On the tenth episode of the SBS drama "The Great Seer", King Gong-min (Yoo Tae-joon) suspected his subjects in time of the Deokheung soldiers' rebel.

Lee Sung-gye (Ji Jin-hee) reported to King Gong-min that the Deokheung soldiers were headed towards the Koryeo with the Chinese soldiers. The king also learnt that the emperor of the Chinese sent a spy along with the Deokheung soldiers and received an oracle from Soo Ryeon-gye (Oh Hyun-kyeong).

He received a fake oracle that he would win. King Gong-min wanted to get rid of the insiders of the Goryeo and told Choi Yeong (Son Byeong-ho) to side with the Deokheung soldiers and suggest killing the king.

Choi Yeong said, "Don't you trust your subjects?" but the King insisted on finding the enemies from within and announced his plan at the military tactics meeting.

However, Lee Seong-gye didn't follow his orders. Choi Yeong told him the king's real plans but Lee said, "Are you planning on agreeing with this plan to test his subjects and set a trap? I have no intensions to join this plan".

In the end, the King's plan only weakened Lee Sung-gye's resolution to loyalty to the country. Viewers are curious to see if Lee Sung-gye who will later destroy the Koryeo and create the Chosun, withdraw his faith in the king.

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