[News] Yang Hyun Suk frequently ‘drunk dials’ J.Y. Park?

[News] Yang Hyun Suk frequently ‘drunk dials’ J.Y. Park?
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The November 12th broadcast of SBS‘s ‘Good Morning‘ aired footage of the press conference for ‘K-Pop Star 2‘, which took place on November 9th at the SBS building in Mok-dong, Seoul.

During the press conference, singer and producer J.Y. Park revealed CEO Yang Hyun Suk‘s recent personality change by saying, “Yang Hyun Suk hyung changed a lot. The downside is he keeps calling me at midnight when he’s drunk.”

To this, Yang Hyun Suk acknowledged it by saying, “I always do call Park Jin Young when I’m drunk. I recently asked him, ‘You’re not even my girlfriend so why do I keep calling you when I’m drunk?‘,” causing everyone to burst in laughter.

Meanwhile, season two of ‘K-Pop Star’ is set to premiere on November 18th.

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