[Photo & News] Changes in Lee Min Ho as his series characters.

[Photo & News] Changes in Lee Min Ho as his series characters.
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SBS’s Monday-Tuesday series Faith went off air on October 30. Lee Min Ho appeared on the historical series and captured many female fans’ hearts. Now, lets review the changes Lee made through his TV series.

The man from Goryo Dynasty and from today.

Lee showed off his various looks through the series Faith. He was a wild warrior and also a majestic guard. His wavy hair complemented his emotional facial expressions.

Lee previously drew a lot of attention by appearing on SBS’s series City Hunter. When he played the role of Lee Yoon Sung on the series, he wore several suits and portrayed a smart and clean man. He also showed off his great fashion sense with refined suits and trench coats.

Lee also shows off his extraordinary fashion sense through pictorials. He suggests an outer and knitted cardigans for this winter.

If you want to look fashionable like Lee, you should wear grey, khaki, or brown-colored outer with jeans or different colored pants.

Tall people should wear a single coat or knitted cardigan and for those who are shorter than the average person, a waist-length analogue jacket with vest works nicely.

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