[Photo & News] Han Chae Young Rocks Red Lips for “Harper’s Bazaar”.

[Photo & News] Han Chae Young Rocks Red Lips for “Harper’s Bazaar”.
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Korea’s “Ageless Barbie Doll” Han Chae Young showcased her elegant looks for the December issue of “Harper’s Bazaar” magazine.

After finishing a drama in China, Han Chae Young is back in Korea and recently shot a pictorial for “Bazaar.” Shedding her previous sexy image, Han Chae Young went for a more elegant, lady-like look. Her bright red lipstick and her feminine clothes gave the pictorial a modern yet classy atmosphere.

As a muse for the famous American designer Michael Kors, Han Chae Young puts together her mature and flawless features with the luxurious clothes for a refined combination. In one picture she is wearing a simple ivory sweater which makes her sharp nose ever the more eye catching. For every picture she truly deserves the title of “Ageless Barbie Doll.”

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