[VOD & News] Lee Min Ho Reveals that his Parents Take Care of His Money.

[VOD & News] Lee Min Ho Reveals that his Parents Take Care of His Money.
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Lee Min Ho joins Joo Won in leaving all of his earnings to his parents.

During an interview with star lifestyle magazine @star1, Lee Min Ho revealed that all of the money from his dramas and CFs all end up in his parents’ hands.

“I left all the money management to my parents,” said the young star. “Because my parents take care of all of my money needs, I honestly don’t know much about it.”

Despite being rich beyond his years, Lee Min Ho proved to be a typical 20-something year old, saying that he were to leave the acting world, he would go backpacking.

“I just want to take my backpack and travel around the world. I want to set all plans and reservations by myself and then go.”

But since he can’t just leave his career as an actor, Lee Min Ho talked about the roles that he would like to take up in the future. “I wouldn’t mind being a rebellious teenager in a teen drama. I want to do as many kinds of roles as I can at this age.”
Lee Min Ho’s pictorial from the streets of Itaewon and his entire interview will be included in the December issue of @star1, which was released on November 21.

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