[Photo & News] Han Ye Seul becomes the muse of Swarovski.

[Photo & News] Han Ye Seul becomes the muse of Swarovski.
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Recently, actress Han Ye Seul has been selected as the muse for the global art exhibition titled “Sparkling Secrets-Swarovski” held at the Daelim Contemporary Art Museum.

The gallery will be open until February 17 next year. It is very first time to experience the story of the worldly-renowned brand Swarovski whose history is 117 years long in Asia, along with the artistic attempt by crystal, the creature over the centuries.

The professional photo session was organized by the fashion magazine Bazaar, and actress Han managed to reinterpret the aesthetic significance of the gallery and lead people to experience the beauty of Swarovski through images. The professional shots and making film will be displayed starting in the middle of November at the Lounge-D of the museum.

In an interview after the shooting, Han said, “As Swarovski’s crystal has motivated many artists and designers over centuries and become a great art work, I hope the projects I shot would also give women some time to think of inner and outer beauty.”

About her hiatus from acting career, she said, “Last year, I pondered about the direction of my life. I was lost in thought about how to gather myself and stand firm again.” Her words built expectations over her further activities. “I think I’ve become a better, stronger person. I may lose everything in the area that I don’t agree with, but I can confidently say that I lived my life as I am, not as somebody else.”

The interview with Han and her charms as the new muse of Swarovski will be revealed in the December issue of Bazaar.

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