[News] Ella Chen plays matchmaker for Hebe Tian.

[News] Ella Chen plays matchmaker for Hebe Tian.
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The happily married Taiwanese singer is eager to find a love match for her girlfriend.

Taiwanese girl group S.H.E recently went on popular variety program Here Comes Kangxi to promote their new album The Flowers Are Blossoming Again.

During the recording, Ella Chen revealed that she is actively looking out for 'good guys' to introduce to Hebe Tian, the only member in the group who is still single.

Ella once spotted a suitable candidate at a dinner gathering. To everyone's surprise, the guy failed to recognize Hebe and even asked about her occupation.

Though the two were said to very compatible, Ella sighed, "It's still a passive situation right now. If there's any 'action', I'd definitely announce it."

"You revealed everything! I wouldn't dare to meet him now," Hebe exclaimed as her member spilled the beans.

The 29-year-old also lamented that her two happily married girlfriends often displayed their loving relationship with their husbands in front of her. She went on to describe how she would play with her phone, while the two wives sit on their hubbies' laps to have lunch.

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